Paul  Weyrich

So now we have a geography teacher suggesting that President George W. Bush is sort of like Adolph Hitler. This teacher’s entire rant attacked capitalism, our conduct abroad, just about everything we hold dear. Geography was one of my favorite topics going back to the sixth grade. I even took a geography course in college. This is geography?

I just did my radio show (the Right Hour on the Rightalk Radio Network) with David Horowitz about his new book, exposing the 101 worst academics in America. I asked him what’s next? The 101 worst kindergarten teachers in the USA? Of course, we are not speaking of their ability to teach. That is a wholly different subject. The open radicalism on college campuses these days is mind-boggling.

I was taught once at the University of Wisconsin by a member of the Communist Party. His assigned readings were all from the left and he worked overtime to discredit the founders of our once great nation. However, he had to hide his efforts. He was careful as to what he said in the classroom. There was one student who came to class who was a well read conservative. His father was very strict and he feared getting bad grades from this professor, with whom he often tangled in class. At that time the University of Wisconsin procedure was to issue an interim grade. Both the conservative student and I got a C. While my folks were not happy about that, they were sympathetic when I explained to them what happened in this Commie’s class. My friend had no such sympathy. He literally was beaten down, if not beaten up, by his father. He came to class defeated. Then I watched as he slowly but surely began to agree with the Communist Professor. I quoted scripture to my fellow student about his gaining the whole world but losing his soul. He, as I, had a strong Christian background. He hung his head and walked away from me. My final grade for that semester was a C. His final grade was an A. Same for the second semester. This was more than 40 years ago so we have had this problem for a long time. Whereas 40 years ago this academic went out of his way to hide his real identity, today he would be openly touting his membership in the Communist Party. And at that time he dared not flunk me because my academic work did not deserve it. Today I probably would have been awarded an F.

What is shocking about the Horowitz book and is even more shocking when you hear him recount it is the sheer brazenness of the professors and other instructors who go out of their way to brag about their affiliation. They didn’t bomb enough. They didn’t do enough to damage America’s imperialism.

Paul Weyrich

Paul M. Weyrich is the late Chairman and CEO of the Free Congress Research and Education Foundation.
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