Paul Rondeau

This is the same abortion giant that lobbied for Obamacare to mandate that employers and employees must have health insurance that pays for contraception, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs. Failure to comply means potentially crippling financial tax penalties—even if your faith or conscience bars you from helping kill preborn babies by helping to fund abortions.

Unknown to most citizens, Obamacare also funnels an estimated $1 billion in insurance premiums each year to an abortion superfund. As the largest provider of abortions in America responsible for over 332,000 babies terminated, Planned Parenthood stands to gain another $250 million.

The unelected Secretary Sebelius of HHS has imposed rules that redefine religious freedom to the point that, as Cardinal Wuerl explained, “HHS’s conception of what constitutes the practice of religion is so narrow that even Mother Teresa would not have qualified.” That’s why over 30 lawsuits have been filed based on religious freedom rights.

But all this was only made possible by our own Supreme Court. While Congress told citizens that this penalty was not a tax, they argued differently in court. Chief Justice Roberts wrote, “And Congress’s choice of language—stating that individuals ‘shall’ obtain insurance or pay a ‘penalty’—does not require reading §5000A as punishing unlawful conduct. It may also be read as imposing a tax on those who go without insurance.”

Although the word tax never appeared in the individual mandate, the Roberts’ majority substituted the word “tax” for the word “penalty” 18 times and ruled that Congress has the power to tax not just income—but also lawful activities.

How ironic: In 1819, Chief Justice Marshall, reportedly Roberts’ hero, agreed with Daniel Webster in writing for the majority in the landmark case McCulloch v. Maryland: “The power to tax involves the power to destroy.”

History tragically teaches us that if our government can abrogate or penalize one constitutional right, then all constitutional rights are put in jeopardy. So no, it’s not just the economy. We are not stupid.

Paul Rondeau

Paul E. Rondeau is executive director of American Life League. Paul's 25 years of leadership experience includes serving as chief development officer, president, and executive director in higher education, pro-life, and pro-family organizations.

Paul has led coalitions in support of the successful confirmation of Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito; pro-life GOTV efforts for 14 U.S. Senate Races; and constitutional amendments at federal and state levels.

He has addressed audiences on three continents and made many appearances on broadcast, print, and new media addressing pro-life/pro-family topics. His research on communications strategies of radical social movements has been published in multiple languages and cited before the U.S. Supreme Court, the United Nations, and best-selling authors.

His latest work, co-author of "Global Sex Deviance Advocacy: The Trojan Horse to Destroy the Family and Civil Society: A report on UNESCO and International Planned Parenthood Federation," was published in the Ave Maria International Law Journal in the summer of 2012.

Prior to his work in the non-profit sector, Paul held senior international management positions with industry leaders such as Avis and Cast North America. Founder of Synapse Associates, he has consulted on Management, communications, and training with over 50 organizations in the private, education, and non-profit sectors. Paul holds an M.A. in management and communications, a B.A. in marketing management, and multiple professional certificates. He was appointed as adjunct faculty to teach management and communications at Southern New Hampshire University.

A Vietnam-era veteran originally from Michigan, Paul is a father of two children and now resides in North Virginia with his wife, Dr. Holiday Rondeau, professor and program director at the institute for Psychological Sciences.