Paul Jacob

Posted September 21, 2014

Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to extend the legal ability for the Export-Import Bank to run for another nine months.

Posted September 14, 2014

The words strategy and speech both begin with the letter s. Usually, thats where their similarities end.

Posted September 07, 2014

Decades ago, when members of Congress voted themselves pay raises in the dead of night, it made Americans very angry. Those ugly pay grabs dont happen anymore, as today these august solons have so completely rigged the system that their salary increases flow automatically.

Posted August 31, 2014

Listen to the experts. Challenge yourself to understand that looting isnt bad, and shouldnt be viewed as a violation of the rights of an innocent person or persons or a frontal assault on the essence of civilization itself.

Posted August 24, 2014

I am still not very confident about what really happened regarding the shooting of Mr. Brown on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri.

Posted August 17, 2014

A week ago last Saturday, at high noon in Ferguson, Missouri, 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot dead by police officer Darren Wilson. Brown was black, Wilson is white.

Posted August 10, 2014

The Republican Party seems to be losing ground.

Posted August 03, 2014

Should more women work outside the home?

Posted July 26, 2014

We’re on the verge of a revolution in mass transit, but city, local and state governments — who in theory are “supposed” to be on the advance guard of progress in this realm — are mostly behind the curve.

Posted July 20, 2014

Wage war on everything? Expect casualties everywhere. And refugees from all over the place.

Posted July 13, 2014

"Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” George Orwell

Posted July 06, 2014

It takes all kinds.

Posted June 29, 2014

The First Amendment, I think I’ll keep it.

Posted June 22, 2014

I’m no cheese expert. But I know what I like. And I prefer “interesting” cheese to the mostly mass-produced product I see on supermarket shelves. Why? A failure of capitalism? No.

Posted June 15, 2014

“If I had to choose between government without newspapers, and newspapers without government,” Thomas Jefferson once wrote, “I wouldn’t hesitate to choose the latter.”

Posted June 08, 2014

Seventy years ago, no one stormed Normandy beach to give one man the power to imprison or to execute anyone he or she decides is an enemy of the state.

Posted June 01, 2014

A young man wrote a manifesto and went on a killing spree. This murderer, Elliot Rodger, ended up taking the lives of six people, seven if you include his own death.

Posted May 25, 2014

Chalk it up to “administrative error.”

Posted May 18, 2014

Often, national politics seems like the Peanuts cartoon: Lucy grips the football, promising to hold steady; Charlie Brown runs to kick the ball, and Lucy swipes it away at the last moment.

Posted May 11, 2014

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.