Paul Jacob

After being so ingloriously dismissed, Johnson ran for and won the Libertarian Party’s nomination. While Johnson garnered more than a million votes nationally and 2 percent of the presidential ballots cast in Arkansas, his vote total was simply not greater than the margin of difference between Romney and Obama in Arkansas — or in any state, for that matter.

Still, it’s the doctrinaire demonization, not the lack of factual foundation, which is most perplexing. Rather than recognizing 2 percent of the vote that might be won back by way of persuasion, Bell, an elected official, busies himself with the endless public listing of enemies.

Robespierre Republicanism ought not be the next wave.

“Gary Johnson and his followers efforts to aid and abet the President’s re-election qualify them as enemies of freedom, liberty and the Constitution IMHO,” alleges Rep. Bell. “I swore an oath to defend that Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and I will do so.”

Politics is about relationships (news flash: so is business and just about everything else). Win friends and influence people, Dale Carnegie would advise.

Like many Libertarians, I find the Democrats abysmal on virtually every issue, and Republicans . . . at least, better — slightly. And also because when the holder of an office performs as badly as Mr. Obama has performed, one should support his ouster, I would have preferred Mitt Romney.

What should Republicans do now? Stop bad-mouthing voters and win their trust. Find candidates who can run on issues that motivate freedom-loving Americans to come out and vote Republican.

Candidates who can also avoid being supremely obnoxious jerks.

Doesn’t sound so tough, really. And with the Democrats as the main competition, you could be a contender. [references]

Paul Jacob

Paul Jacob is President of Citizens in Charge Foundation and Citizens in Charge. His daily Common Sense commentary appears on the Web and via e-mail.