Paul Jacob

Really? After decades of denying there was any difference between men and women, of suggesting that ever even to question non-traditional roles was repulsively sexist, the self-described "liberal media elite" (or one such) now tell us that women simply cannot tackle important jobs in society because they must so completely focus on family considerations. Women in important positions are unreliable.

And, obviously, we must forget about fathers ever stepping up to fill in any voids left by a working mom. We cannot overcome our biology. Males of our species can only hunt, never nurture.

I wonder, is it a coincidence that we are told this bit of sex-role traditionalism right as the first Republican woman finds a place on a national ticket? What contortions members of the liberal media elite perform when grinding their political axes! Conservatives would no doubt take greater offense were they not snickering so.

On her apology appearance with O'Reilly, Quinn didn't really apologize at all. Oh, sure, she said Palin gave a "great speech," which these days has become almost an insult. And Quinn admitted that her attacks had actually rallied people to Palin's side.

One can make a legitimate argument about experience. Neither Obama nor Palin have many years in national office getting to know other politicians, lobbyists, and the media. If you value that sort of thing. I find the amount of time spent in the capital by Senators John McCain and Joe Biden to be a distinct demerit.

But Quinn continued to assert that Governor Palin was not ready to be president precisely because of her family responsibilities. And she continued to press the inquiry: Will Palin's family come first, before our country?

Let us hope so. Those who serve in public office should never put their offices above their own families. My country certainly does not come before my children.

This does not mean that we don't sacrifice for our country. But whatever sacrifices we endure we do so because we want our children, our loved ones, to live, and not just live any old way, but in a free country. My goodness, is there a parent somewhere, mother or father, who would actually put country before child?

Family comes first.

Paul Jacob

Paul Jacob is President of Citizens in Charge Foundation and Citizens in Charge. His daily Common Sense commentary appears on the Web and via e-mail.