Paul Jacob

Hmmm? So while Callahan is bringing us a rabbit for our stew, the same legislature in which he is such a powerful force has confiscated our cow. Actually, the rabbit is for someone else’s stew (who happens to live a few minutes away as the crow flies, or an hour away as the car drives).

Thanks again, Vincent F.

There was some criticism of Delegate Callahan by Gerald Connelly, chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. As a Democrat, Connelly’s critique risks dismissal as partisan sniping. Yet, he seems fond of Callahan, much more so than the conservatives within Callahan’s own party that the 40-year veteran had regularly battled. Still, Connelly slings Callahan, arguing, “There have been times when he’s had to carry water for the leadership that ran counter to this region’s interests.”

Hey, don’t say that while slurpin’ on rabbit stew, buddy!

To bring us the rabbit, perhaps Callahan has had to work against the region some of the time. And he regularly voted to raise our taxes. But should we look a gift rabbit in the mouth?

When he announced his retirement back in March, Callahan wasn’t too shy to tell reporters how doggone important he has been, stating: “The stuff I have done over the years has been unsurpassed for any Northern Virginia legislator in history. I probably delivered more to my region and to the state than anyone else.”

So what does all his “deliverance” amount to? Huge gobs of tax dollars. My tax dollars.

And for that, he’s a legend . . . if only in his own mind. And that of the Washington Post.

Will we survive without Mr. Callahan? Sure. Somehow. Against all odds, we’ll find a way. Though, shucks, our taxes may not go up as fast.

Still, I bet we can find someone somewhere to raise our taxes.

Equaling Callahan’s arrogance? Now that may not be so easy. It will no doubt take some seasoning once in office.

Paul Jacob

Paul Jacob is President of Citizens in Charge Foundation and Citizens in Charge. His daily Common Sense commentary appears on the Web and via e-mail.