Paul  Edwards

Prior to this recent series of revelations, there wasn’t a man on the planet who in some sense didn’t want to be Tiger Woods. Tiger is good looking. He’s physically fit. He’s a world-class athlete. He has a beautiful wife and two beautiful kids. He’s rich beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. He had a father who loved him—not just in words, but in action, pouring himself into his son, building a love that survives to this day, in many ways making Tiger the man he became.

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Try as we may, there aren’t too many men who can lay claim to all of these elements of success at once. Tiger has it all, and it wasn’t just handed to him. He came by his success through hard work and discipline. He earned it.

In recent weeks, however, Tiger’s personal life has become the stuff of tabloid journalism. While details remain unclear, it appears his beautiful wife may have used one of Tiger’s own golf clubs to knock him senseless when she discovered he only had eyes for—at last count—nine other women.

It could have been worse. Tiger could have been an abuser: an abuser of controlled substances or an abuser of his wife. There’s no evidence of any of that. He could have been an embezzler. Not satisfied with having it all, he could have stolen even more. He didn’t. Like another famous athlete, he could have struggled with jealousy, flew into a rage, and killed his wife. Didn’t happen.

Tiger Woods isn’t as bad as he could be. But neither is he the role model he appeared to be. He’s not a thief or a murderer. He isn’t an abuser. Tiger is simply a serial adulterer. He enjoys being in the company of a variety of women. Tiger has just this one quirk, one besetting sin, one shortcoming, yet that quirk was the trip wire over which his entire world has come crashing down.

There isn’t a man on the planet who in this sense isn’t Tiger Woods. There isn’t anything in Tiger that isn’t in you. None of us are as bad as we could be, but the propensity for lust, lying, anger, and unfaithfulness are all there—hidden in a heart that is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. There isn’t any one of us who is not capable, like Tiger, of saying, “It’s only this one time. No harm.”

Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards is the host of The Paul Edward Program and a pastor. His program is heard daily on WLQV in Detroit and on

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