Paul Driessen

Posted September 28, 2015

Losing the climate science battle, climate alarmists want government to silence skeptics

Posted September 19, 2015

Economies collapsing, Middle East imploding and Obama & Pals obsess over the climate!

Posted September 05, 2015

Wind and solar reap taxpayer loot, while hydrocarbon energy, industries and jobs get pummeled.

Posted August 29, 2015

We need to fix the climate of fraud, corruption, and policies that kill jobs, hope and people.

Posted August 22, 2015

$1.5 trillion and Larry Bell book explain how profiteers of climate doom keep the money flowing.

Posted August 15, 2015

Fear-mongering, pollution standards and negligence rules dont apply when EPA is at fault

Posted August 08, 2015

Congress, states and our next president must end EPA harm to human health and welfare.

Posted July 25, 2015

The Laudato Si encyclical on climate, sustainability and the environment prepared by and for Pope Francis is often eloquent, always passionate but often encumbered by platitudes, many of them erroneous.

Posted July 18, 2015

Americans are less inclined to be fooled again, or to smile and grin at the change all around.

Posted July 11, 2015

Bogus biofuel trading costs us millions while the absurd biofuel program costs us billions.

Posted July 11, 2015

Bogus biofuel trading costs us millions while the absurd biofuel program costs us billions.

Posted July 04, 2015

Clean Power Plan would bring imaginary benefits and real health and welfare damage.

Posted June 27, 2015

Elon Musk and his fellow barons of Climate Crisis, Inc. recently got a huge boost from Pope Francis. Musk et al. say fossil fuels are causing unprecedented warming and weather disasters. The Pope agrees and says Catholics must ask God for a positive outcome to negotiations over another UN climate treaty.

Posted June 13, 2015

Supposedly record-high temperature and carbon dioxide levels supposedly bring record chaos.

Posted June 06, 2015

Billionaires use secretive foundations to finance anti-pipeline protests and get even richer.

Posted May 30, 2015

Action needed now to end EPA deception, fraud, collusion, bullying and damage.

Posted May 16, 2015

Activists and White House appear ready to present new justifications for unjustified policies.

Posted May 09, 2015

Could a quiescent sun portend a new little ice age: a chilly era for humanity and agriculture?

Posted May 02, 2015

Congressional Democrats and Vatican join White House and Leftist assaults on basic rights.

Posted April 27, 2015

Its not climate change but energy restrictions based on climate fears that threaten the poor.