Patrick Hynes

Being in New Hampshire also brings media types down to earth. While they’re not exactly dead-tree mainstreamers, I palled around with Jonathan Martin of the Politico and Kevin Rennie of the Hotline and the Hartford Courant. To put this into context, please note that I’m just a shlub from Laconia, NH (class clown, four years funning in high school, thank you.)

his is democracy. This is a political process run by the people, not the politicians. And this is a process that gels nicely with the democratization of the media brought on by the ascent of blogging, YouTube and other new media applications. I was not the only credentialed blogger at the New Hampshire Republicans’ annual meeting. This fellow, who writes a blog called Green Mountain Politics, was there, too, and he took great exception to the, um, aggressive professionalism of Mayor Giuliani’s press handlers.

Up in the press balcony of Manchester’s Palace Theater, while we waited for the program to start, a mainstream journalist friend of mine looked at me holding my video camera and my laptop and joked, “they’ll give anyone a press pass these days, won’t they?” I mean no disrespect to the legacy press people, but I hope “they” will give a press pass to anyone these days. Why wouldn’t they?

Democracy is the peoples’ process. Being a blogger in New Hampshire puts me at the center of this very radical storm. And I love it.

(Disclosure: I am a consultant for Sen. John McCain’s exploratory committee.)

Patrick Hynes

Patrick Hynes is the president of New Media Strategics, a blog relations consultancy. He is the proprietor of Ankle Biting Pundits and the author of In Defense of the Religious Right (Nelson Current).

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