Patrick Hynes

Hugh Hewitt is concerned that Sen. John McCain, who is my client, does not engage the new media. And believe me, when Hugh blogs, I take it seriously—he is a powerful evangelist for our medium. But he needn’t be as concerned as he is.

For example, Sen. McCain was the first prospective presidential aspirant to appear the Glenn and Helen Show, Glenn Reynolds’ popular Podcast. At the time, Hugh called the move, “The Future of Politics” and said, “Any consultant worth his or her salt will be looking for long form interviews with such professionals.”

Earlier this month while Hugh was discussing the new media with Glenn Reynolds, the subject came up again:

HH: … So those three are now going to go at it. And assess those three's positioning. McCain has Patrick Hynes, and the other two have their people. What's their positioning with the new media right now?

GR: Well, McCain has been very aggressive about confronting, or courting the new media. And indeed, he did one of our Glenn and Helen show podcasts which you aired some excerpts of, in fact. …

Of course, one can always logon to Porkbusters where Sen. McCain made his first foray into the blogging world. Or visit Ed Morrissey’s site Captain’s Quarters, which hosted a guest post from Sen. McCain on Hillary Clinton’s untenable position on North Korea. Or Power Line which hosted a guest post from Sen. McCain on the proposed troop surge.

Or one could talk to Pat Curley, who runs Brainster. Curley has endorsed John McCain for President of the United States. Hugh Hewitt had high praise for Curley in 2004 when Curley co-blogged at Kerry Haters.

Patrick Hynes

Patrick Hynes is the president of New Media Strategics, a blog relations consultancy. He is the proprietor of Ankle Biting Pundits and the author of In Defense of the Religious Right (Nelson Current).

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