Patrick Hynes

Posted March 31, 2007

We conservatives are struggling through a Great Depression, don't you know. A Great Depression of ideas; a Great Depression of spirit; a Great Depression of optimism. I know, because TIME Magazine has told me so.

Posted March 17, 2007

Sen. Hillary Clinton tested her new campaign theme—that there really is a “vast rightwing conspiracy”—at the “100 Club” dinner in Nashua, NH last week

Posted February 24, 2007

Today I would like to look at two candidates’—one authentic, the other synthetic—views on the war in Iraq.

Posted February 10, 2007

Whenever I give a speech (or get started on a rant) I explain the power of the New Media this way: Consuming news in the Old Media environment is a “lean back” experience while consuming news in the New Media environment is a “lean forward” experience.

Posted February 03, 2007

Utah Governor Jon Huntsman tells a story of how he was stuck in Vietnam while on a trip when the enemy struck America on September 11th, 2001. While waiting for clearance to come home he decided to visit the so-called Hanoi Hilton, where he saw the display there dedicated to Sen. John McCain—"complete with propaganda," Huntsman says.

Posted January 23, 2007

Sen. McCain has a lot of relationship building to do with bloggers. Some will be unwilling to hear him out. Others will be willing to hear him out but will remain unpersuaded. And some, in time, may come around. Rest assured, we are reaching out to bloggers in an aggressive way

Posted January 20, 2007

Did a majority of Americans vote for Democrats on Nov. 7th, 2006 because they were sick and tired of men running the show? Did America decide it was time to smash the “marble ceiling”?

Posted January 13, 2007

YouTube isn’t just a tool to play gotcha politics. Two presidential aspirants have recently used YouTube to say “I was wrong” to prospective supporters in the blogosphere.

Posted January 06, 2007

in at least one respect Capitol Hill Republicans appear willing to break with their old pattern and try something new. Republicans in the Senate have begun to take the New Media seriously.

Posted May 31, 2006

Evangelicals vote Republican because evangelicals are social conservatives. And at this time in our nation’s political history the Republican Party represents those same socially conservative values.

Posted March 23, 2006

If the GOP’s conservative Christian base is disaffected and unhappy with Republican candidates, who will stuff the envelopes come election time? Who will pound the yard signs? Man the phone banks? Hand out literature? Register new voters? Bus people to the polls?

Posted February 14, 2006

Democrats have some serious decisions to make about the future of their party and its message.

Posted November 28, 2005

A recent report published by the National Bureau of Economic Research provides penetrating insight into the role of religion in America.

Posted October 18, 2005

The invisible hand of free-market competition has a way of shoving fat-and-happy industries into providing better products and higher quality services, all at lower prices.