Pat Buchanan

Posted July 07, 2015

Bernie Sanders is a socialist senator from VermoDnt and Donald Trump a celebrity capitalist and legendary entrepreneur and builder. What do they have in common? Both have tapped into what the bases of their respective parties believe is wrong with America.

Posted July 03, 2015

Posted June 30, 2015

"Natural law -- God's law -- will always trump common law," said Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and a Christian leader in her own right, "God will have the final word in this matter."

Posted June 26, 2015

What the flag symbolizes for the millions who revere, cherish or love it, however, is the heroism of those who fought and died under it. That flag flew over battlefields, not over slave quarters.

Posted June 23, 2015

If the Pentagon is indeed moving U.S. troops and heavy weapons into Poland and the Baltic States, and is about to provide arms to Kiev to attack the rebels in East Ukraine, we are headed for a U.S.-Russian confrontation unlike any seen since the Cold War.

Posted June 19, 2015

At the declaration by Donald Trump that he is a candidate for the presidential nomination of the Republican Party, media elites of left and right reacted with amusement, anger and disgust.

Posted June 16, 2015

Over three decades, that border has been a causeway into the USA for millions of illegal immigrants who are changing the face of America -- to the delight of those who think the country we grew up in was ugly.

Posted June 12, 2015

Today's issue, however, is not voting rights, open housing or school busing. It is black vs. blue: African-Americans inflamed at what they see as chronic police brutality and police forces feeling besieged in a demagogic "war on cops." And the media are obsessed with it, and determined to make us equally so.

Posted June 09, 2015

Our present commitments are unsustainable. Retrenchment is an imperative.

Posted June 05, 2015

Who rises if Assad falls?

Posted June 02, 2015

The culture war against Christianity is picking up speed.

Posted May 29, 2015

"What apparently happened was that the Iraqi forces just showed no will to fight. ... We can give them training, we can give them equipment; we obviously can't give them the will to fight."

Posted May 26, 2015

"This is a Christian nation," said the Supreme Court in 1892.

Posted May 22, 2015

The fall of Ramadi, capital of Anbar, largest province in Iraq, after a rout of the Iraqi army by a few hundred ISIS fighters using bomb-laden trucks, represents a stunning setback for U.S. policy.

Posted May 19, 2015

As Middle America rises in rage against "fast track" and the mammoth Obamatrade deal known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, The Wall Street Journal has located the source of the malady.

Posted May 15, 2015

Jeb Bush has spent the week debating with himself over whether he would have started the war his brother launched on Iraq.

Posted May 12, 2015

David Cameron is the most successful Tory Party leader since Margaret Thatcher. Yet history may also record that his success led to the crackup of his country, and Great Britain's secession from the European Union.

Posted May 08, 2015

In the first quarter of 2015, in the sixth year of the historic Obama recovery, the U.S. economy grew by two-tenths of 1 percent.

Posted May 05, 2015

Who killed Freddie Gray?

Posted May 01, 2015

Had Freddie Gray been robbed, beaten and left to die in the streets of his Baltimore neighborhood, no one would be mourning him today.