Pat Buchanan

Why was the back of Zimmerman's jacket soaking wet, and the back of Trayvon's dry, if Trayvon was on the bottom? Why were the knees of Trayvon's pants wet, if he was on the bottom?

Third, who was screaming for help?

His mother, brother and father say it was Trayvon. George's mother, father and half a dozen friends say it is George's voice on the tape, screaming for help.

Trayvon's father and brother apparently told investigators initially that the voice was not Trayvon's, or they did not know. And the eyewitness John Good says the guy on the bottom in the red jacket, George Zimmerman, was the one screaming.

But, again, let us assume it was Trayvon screaming.

Why would he be screaming? If he was being beaten up martial arts style on the ground, would Trayvon not have had cuts and bruises?

What, exactly, was George Zimmerman doing to this 17-year-old football player that he should be screaming for help?

Where is the physical evidence that Trayvon had been hurt in any way before he was shot? Is screaming how a tough 17-year-old male reacts in a fistfight, even one he is losing?

Trayvon was a stranger in that neighborhood, and George was the neighborhood watch guy. Which of the two is more likely to be yelling for help from the neighbors?

Fourth, was the use of a firearm justified, even if Zimmerman was losing the fight and being beaten up?

Were his injuries that serious? Was he really is danger of grave bodily harm?

Experts disagree. But the real question is: What did Zimmerman think at the time? And judging by those piercing screams, was not that screaming man frightened, even terrified?

Trayvon's parents think these were the desperate cries for help of a son about to be killed. But if they were Zimmerman's cries, could George not have had those same thoughts?

George Zimmerman should have informed Trayvon he was the neighborhood watch. Trayvon should not have pummeled him. Both made mistakes. One is dead. To send the other to prison for what happened that night would be an act of vengeance, not justice, an invocation of the old lex talionis -- an eye for an eye.

That's not what America is supposed to be about.

Pat Buchanan

Pat Buchanan is a founding editor of The American Conservative magazine, and the author of many books including State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America .
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