Pat Buchanan

So it appears to have been.

In the '90s decade, for the first time since the Spanish arrived, the white population of California fell. Native-born Californians are heading over the mountains back to the lands whence their ancestors came. By ethnic origin, California and Texas are already Third World states. Hispanics alone account for 25 percent of the population of Arizona, 34 percent of California and Texas, 43 percent of New Mexico, and growing shares of the population of Nevada, Colorado and Utah, all states carved out of Mexico.

Moreover, ethnic chauvinism is rampant in the barrios. As in the movements of Evo Morales in Bolivia and Ollanta Humala in Peru, barrio talk in America is increasingly about "indigenous peoples" and "European occupiers." A black-brown war has broken out among the underclass in Los Angeles. Three in five Mexicans now believe the Southwest is stolen land that belongs to Mexico.

By 2050, the Census Bureau estimates 102 million Hispanics will live in America, heavily concentrated in the Southwest. The ethnic, linguistic and cultural reconquest of the American Southwest by Mexico is well advanced.

As I write in my new book, "State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America," George Bush may go down in history as the man who not only lost the magnificent lands won for America by James Polk, but, by refusing to do his duty and halt this invasion, ensured the Balkanization and dissolution of his country.

Not to worry, we are told. The Melting Pot will work its magic. In a generation, the scores of millions who have come here will be assimilated and Americanized, as were the millions who came to Ellis Island.

The hope is delusional. The Melting Pot is broken. Our elites want it smashed forever. They no longer believe in assimilation -- they worship at the altar of diversity. And millions of aliens are adamant about retaining their own language, culture, identity and allegiance to the mother country, not the United States.

The "hyphenated-Americanism" Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson decried is today celebrated. On California's campuses there are separate dorms, fraternities, sororities, student centers and graduations for Asian, Hispanic and black students. The tens of millions coming endlessly from countries, cultures and civilizations whose peoples have never before been assimilated into a First World nation may spell the end of America as one nation and one people by mid-century. Why are we taking this risk?

Pat Buchanan

Pat Buchanan is a founding editor of The American Conservative magazine, and the author of many books including State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America .
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