Pat Buchanan

 Now, having usurped a right to write its own ideology into the Constitution and to impose its writ on America, the Warren Court launched a social, cultural and moral revolution and began openly to dictate to what had been a self-governing people.

 Under this dictatorship, radically secularist and egalitarian, America's public schools were as de-Christianized as thoroughly as in the Soviet Union. Voluntary prayer and Bible readings were abolished, and all replicas of the Ten Commandments taken down. Easter pageants and Christmas carols were forbidden. Teachers wearing Christian symbols were ordered to remove them.

 But the court's relentless war to extirpate all expressions or symbols of Christianity from the public square of a nation still predominantly Christian was but the beginning. In the half century after Brown, the Supreme Court:

 -- Declared pornography, naked dancing in beer halls and burning the American flag to be constitutionally protected speech.

 -- Created new rights for criminals and new restrictions for prosecutors, and outlawed the death penalty for a generation.

 -- Declared abortion a constitutional right of all women and ruled that states cannot protect babies from a grisly procedure that involves stabbing the child in the head with scissors when halfway out of the womb.

 -- Ordered all state legislatures reapportioned on the basis of population alone.

 -- Ordered VMI and the Citadel to end their 150-year-old all-male cadet corps traditions and stop saying grace before meals.

 -- Abolished term limits on members of Congress enacted in popular referenda.

 -- Forbade Arizona to make English the official language for state business and ordered California -- 60 percent of whose people had voted to end welfare to illegal aliens -- to restore welfare benefits.

 -- Approved of race discrimination against white students to advance the "compelling state interest" of "diversity" in college.

 -- Declared homosexual sodomy a constitutional right.

 Today, we meekly await the court's judgment on whether we will have to legalize marriage between homosexuals. Were George III to return to life, he would roar with laughter at what a flock of sheep the descendants of the American rebels have become.

Pat Buchanan

Pat Buchanan is a founding editor of The American Conservative magazine, and the author of many books including State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America .
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