Pat Buchanan

Answer: Acceptance by a majority of Americans of the idea that homosexual relations are as natural, normal and moral as those between a man and his wife, and the extension of the full rights of married couples to homosexual unions.

Victory is not yet at hand, but the gay rights movement has made strides that would have astonished previous generations. Democratic leaders like Hillary Clinton now march in Gay Pride parades, as her party endorses the full homosexual agenda with the exception of gay marriage. Howard Dean is almost there.

As for the Republican Party, it is now a Big Tent where the Log Cabin Club coexists with a Religious Right that is coming to believe it has been sold out by the man it endorsed for president.

If a vote were taken among our cultural and media elite from Manhattan to Hollywood, the entire gay rights agenda -- including gay marriage and adoption rights -- would be approved. Already, The New York Times publishes formal photographs of gay wedding partners.

Among baby boomers and Generation X-ers, millions think that refusing to accept the equality of homosexual unions and traditional marriage is as bigoted as denying the equality of blacks and whites.

But, as Americans laugh with "Boy Meets Boy," consider what we will be smirking at: a "lifestyle" that is the leading cause of the spread of an HIV virus that has killed hundreds of thousands of gay men in America, a death-style that appears to cut off decades of life of those who indulge in it. Even a casual reading of the obituary pages of the prestige press reveals that among the most famous who embrace the gay lifestyle, life is short.

And the star of "Boy Meets Boy" is no boy. He is already 32.

If the tenets of the gay rights movement are true, the Torah and New Testament are wrong, Christianity has been wrong since the time of St. Paul, Aquinas and Augustine were wrong, and the moral edifice by which men in the West have lived for 2,000 years was built on bigotry, prejudice and lies. Was it?

Pat Buchanan

Pat Buchanan is a founding editor of The American Conservative magazine, and the author of many books including State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America .
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