Pat Buchanan

America's cultural and moral elite is almost wholly converted to the doctrine enshrined in the Humanist manifestos of 1933 and 1973. These documents hold that all voluntary sexual relations are equal, all are moral, none should be criminalized and any state that does so is bigoted. Moreover, all anti-sodomy laws should be overturned, and if voters are too benighted to do so, the court should step in and do it for them.

To most observers, it would seem that it is Santorum -- the target of vilification and demands for his ouster because of his views -- who is the real victim of intolerance here.

And indeed he is. But in the new dispensation, where the Left now defines what is moral, Christianity and its code of moral conduct are the objects of hatred. Any who try to enforce that code are, de facto, bigots and unqualified for secular leadership of our society.

We are getting close to a religious test for high office, a test that no believing, practicing Christian is going to be able to pass. Indeed, we are becoming a society where Christians are going to discover that they are strangers in their own country.

Not so long ago, gay right groups were considered to be agents of immorality, trying to alter laws to give their immoral conduct the sanction of law. Yet the Right did not deny them a right to propagandize or expel out from office, except in the voting booth.

The New Morality, however, like most triumphant belief systems, is deeply intolerant. It simply cannot abide being called immoral. Thus, it must persecute, punish and purge.

The Democratic Party has capitulated to this revolution. As for the Republicans, they are still rooted in the old Christian morality. But when they blurt out the old truths, they find themselves having to explain what they meant. And, as they do, they must mouthe all the idiot-pieties of the new morality about "diversity," and all life styles being equal, and having no real quarrel with homosexuals, etc. This will continue until the GOP surrender is complete.

The savaging of Santorum shows that a bold expression of belief in the old Christian moral code and its proscriptions -- i.e., that homosexuality is unnatural and immoral, ruinous to body and soul, a mark of a decadent society -- is now forbidden.

And as one watches "gay rights" spokespersons hurling anathemas at conservatives, who are trying inarticulately to explain what they really mean, the America we grew up in is truly dead and gone.

Pat Buchanan

Pat Buchanan is a founding editor of The American Conservative magazine, and the author of many books including State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America .
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