Orrin Hatch

Posted September 13, 2011

America's laws have long recognized the need to protect workers from abuse.

Posted April 26, 2011

As part of the debate over the final Fiscal Year 2011 continuing resolution, members of Congress faced a choice — whether to eliminate federal funding for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, or to continue sending taxpayer dollars to this group.

Posted February 16, 2011

Sky-high debt is a threat to individual liberty, continued prosperity, and national security. Yet the President’s response to this impending disaster is to pass the buck with a budget that is sadly, a sorry joke.

Posted October 30, 2010

The Democratic operative, James Carville, coined one of the most legendary campaign catchphrases, “it’s the economy, stupid.” Close to two decades later with our federal deficits this year and last, the highest on record since World War II, that phrase should be changed to, “it’s the spending, stupid.”