Oliver North

From neighboring Pakistan, Taliban leaders -- who never have denounced the murder, torture or beheading of a single Christian and have killed thousands of innocent civilians with roadside bombs -- condemned the video as "barbaric" and claimed: "No religion that follows a holy text would accept such conduct. This inhuman act reveals their real face to the world."

Absent from any of these oft-repeated excerpts is any recognition that the video in question apparently involves just four individuals -- five if you count the person holding the camera. Yet even before the perpetrators in the video could be identified by the Marines, the entire U.S. military is indicted once again by media elites for the egregious deeds of a few, without mention that such acts never are condoned by any American commander.

Prolonged commentary and repetitious reports on what investigators now call the "urine incident" have also spiked and displaced stories that warrant extensive coverage. Where are the in-depth "good news" reports on U.S. Navy sailors and Coast Guardsmen putting themselves at risk to rescue Iranian seamen from pirates and a sinking vessel? With Tehran racing to acquire nuclear weapons and threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz, weren't Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's visits this week to Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba worth more attention than a brief mention? In these perilous times, doesn't it matter that preparations are under way for "Austere Challenge 12" -- the largest and "most significant military exercise ever conducted by the U.S. and Israel"?

These important events received scant notice in the hysteria over "the video." This indicates an absence of judgment and perspective by those who determine what's "newsworthy" in today's "instant news" environment. Members of the mainstream media inevitably overhype any negative story -- true or false -- about even a single member of the U.S. armed forces and tarnish all who serve. This blatant anti-military bias is especially evident when producers and editors repeatedly make such atypical events the "lead story" and accord these rare incidents headline treatment for days on end. They must know that demonizing our troops with such nonstop "coverage" is far more effective at demoralizing a nation at war -- and destructive to those who fight it -- than losing any battle.

Oliver North

Oliver North is a nationally syndicated columnist, the host of War Stories on the Fox News Channel, the author of the new novel Heroes Proved and the co-founder of Freedom Alliance, an organization that provides college scholarships to the children of U.S. military personnel killed or permanently disabled in the line of duty. Join Oliver North in Israel by going to www.olivernorthisrael.com.