Nina May

I was leafing through the 1987 copy of Outstanding Young Women of America and was amazed by the resumes of the over 32,000 women listed in the book. It was the year that Elaine Chao was featured prominently as a national winner. Her resume was amazing as were all of the ones featured in the front part of the book who were each given a full page to extol their virtues. The bulk of the book was reserved for us slackers who had only accomplished two inches of 8-point type in a three-column page. But even the slackers were pretty darned impressive. And over 40 years of harvesting the brightest and the best young women leaders, which is, I am sure a fraction of all the women leaders in the country, it is amazing that only one woman is considered qualified to be president.

Two examples of women who are more qualified to be president than Hillary are Oprah Winfrey and Condoleezza Rice. If you do a side by side of Condi’s resume and Hillary’s, it is sort of like comparing my two inch column to Elaine Chao’s full page in the OYWA book.

The question should not be, “what is it that qualifies Hillary to be president?” but it should be, “Why does she think she is qualified?” I mean, when you break it down, she basically was a lawyer, who married a man who became president, cheated on her, bringing home a senate seat instead of the usual box of flowers and chocolate. And???

Does anyone actually think that Hillary Rodham Clinton could have waltzed into New York from Arkansas, with the carpetbag tucked securely under her arm and been a serious contender for the U.S. Senate Seat, against the Mayor of New York City to boot? Then I would suggest that any of the 32,000 women in the 1987 copy of Outstanding Young Women of America, should be considered as legitimate contenders for any public office they would want to serve in.

All discussion of resumes should now be universally determined as irrelevant for any person who wants to pursue public office, even the White House. That standard has been lowered to the point that literally half the country would qualify to run for that position. And according to Hillary, just existing as an adult, for 35 years prior to running for office is sufficient to suggest a lot of really neat things were accomplished.

The jewel in her vitae crown can’t be that she got a law degree from Yale, because according to the liberal elite, George Bush, with a degree from both Harvard and Yale is a blanking idiot. When not one individual from either of those two laurel-resting institutions will rise to contest the assumption that they graduate idiots, it can only be assumed, that every Yale and Harvard graduate is an idiot.

Nina May

Nina May is a producer/director who produced the award-winning documentary, Emancipation Revelation Revolution. She is a radio commentator and has produced and hosted her own TV show, American Renaissance.