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South Korea-North Korea: Update. Negotiators met for the fifth time on 22 July to try to reach agreement on resuming operations at the Kaesong industrial complex. They failed again. Another round of talks is set for Thursday.

Comment: The sticking points remain the North's refusal to take responsibility for closing the complex and to provide guarantees against future closures. The good news is the North is still willing to engage in talks, for now.

Egypt: Update. Pro-Mursi/anti-government demonstrations occurred in several Nile River delta cities, including Alexandria, and in Cairo near Tahrir Square. Some resulted in clashes between pro- and anti-government groups. A clash in Suez resulted in 112 wounded, according to official sources. The Brotherhood claimed one killed and 150 wounded in the same clashes.

In Cairo, pro-Mursi protestors attempted to march against pro-government campers in Tahrir Square. Security forces intervened using armor and tear gas. One person died and seven were wounded

Comment: Almost daily clashes are reported in Cairo and some of the Nile River delta cities. Most clashes are between pro- and anti-government groups. Usually, the police intervene after the violence occurs to disperse the protestors. In Cairo, clashes with security forces have occurred near the US Embassy, the Republican Guard headquarters and near important ministry buildings, especially the ministry of defense.

Fatalities tend to occur mainly when anti-government protestors clash directly with the police or army units. The numbers of wounded seem to range in the 100's but the types and extent of the injuries are seldom reported in detail.

Two weeks ago, injuries resulted from stone throwing and clubs. Demonstrators are still throwing stones, but most deaths result from gunshot wounds. Both the pro- and anti-government demonstrators have members who carry guns.

Government security authorities appear willing to allow the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters to use the al Rabia al-Adawiya Mosque complex, in eastern Cairo, as a base and rallying point, provided they stay separated from the anti-Mursi campers at Tahrir Square in the city center. Security forces intervene to try to keep the two groups separated.

Sinai: The daily or near daily attacks continue, despite the buildup of army forces. On the 22d, anti-government militants mounted 10 attacks in Rafah and el-Arish, killing six and wounding 11 people.

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