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South Korea-North Korea: The South Korean Unification Ministry announced on Tuesday that the total losses to companies involved in the Kaesong joint industrial complex in North Korea total nearly $1 billion since authorities in Pyongyang closed the complex in early April.

Comment: The Kaesong complex contains factories and facilities for 123 South Korean companies, but they are linked to a total of 234 companies. The losses are those registered by all 234.

The complex employed 53,000 North Korean workers who will never recover their losses. North Korea is making its workers pay a high price for the leadership's hubris.

Pakistan: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Tuesday named former president Pervez Musharraf as the prime suspect in the December 2007 assassination of ex-prime minister Benazir Bhutto.

The head of the FIA's Joint Investigation Team, Deputy Director Khalid Rasool, told the Rawalpindi Anti-Terrorism Court that Musharraf "hatched" a criminal conspiracy to cause a breach in Bhutto's security detail that directly led to her murder. His motive was to secure his rule, Rasool's filing said.

The Anti-Terrorism Court Special Judge summoned Musharraf to appear for a hearing on 2 July.

Comment: Just before her assassination Bhutto expressed to friends her concern about an assassination plot involving Musharraf and three other senior officials at the time. They include former head of Pakistani intelligence, Hamid Gul. Eventually all those involved in the conspiracy are likely to be brought to trial.

This is the third active case against Musharraf that could lead to his execution. A fourth potential capital case is the treason accusation that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif mentioned yesterday. That case has not yet begun.

Iraq: Update. Bombings and attacks on Tuesday killed 53 people and injured at least 142. Attacks and bombings were reported in at least eight cities, including Baghdad. Most of them targeted Shiites honoring the Shabaniyah commemoration.

The deadliest attack was a suicide bombing against Shiite Turkmen tribal protestors who had set up tents in the city of Tuz Khurmatu in Salahuddin Governate. Twenty-seven were killed and at least 80 injured. The protestors were demanding tighter government security for the community after a car bombing on Sunday.

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