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North Korea-US: A pro-North Korean news outlet in Japan published a lengthy signed article urging the US to accept the North's talks proposal. The article contained a tutorial on North Korean understanding of terms, implying the US might not have appreciated their significance. For example,

"The press statement this time expressed the important position "under authorization," as was the case with the 6 June special statement by the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Fatherland (CPRF) that proposed talks between authorities of the North and the South. This is not an expression ordinarily made at an administrative working level. "Authorization" bears special meaning in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)."

Then the article purported to tutor the US about how North Korea was at the center of all recent high level discussions. That is the North Korean world view.

"In May this year a special envoy wearing military uniform was dispatched to China to convey the DPRK supreme leader's (Kim Jong Un) intention. The China-US summit held in June discussed the DPRK issue as an important agenda item. At a time when the peak of the crisis of nuclear war has been passed off hardly (note: poor translation. The apparent meaning is, ' has barely ended'), direct and indirect summit-level dialogues have been held among the three parties of the DPRK, China, and the United States that signed the Korean Armistice Agreement six decades ago, and a proposal has been put forth for high-level DPRK-US talks. An opportunity can be provided for vital negotiations toward peace in the course of fine-tuning each country's interests."

"The first US response to the NDC spokesperson's important press statement was not from the US Department of State but from the White House National Security Council (NSC). Last year when the presidential election was held in the United States, the Obama administration secretly dispatched NSC policymakers to Pyongyang and exchanged opinions with the DPRK side."

The article concludes with a threat.

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