Nicole Hudgens

Sometimes I get a little nervous talking about the issue of marriage. Why? Because I’m afraid of coming across the wrong way or I'll hurt people’s feelings. But the truth is, marriage is sacred and it should stay that way. When a friend asks me to tell them the truth, I should not because I want to hurt them, but because I love them. According to the Bible, the act of homosexuality is wrong and I can’t promote it. I also want children to be raised in a family with both a mom and dad whenever possible. There’s a video online of an adopted Vietnamese teenager from France who spoke out recently about how children need both a mother and father. His words made me see the adoption issue in a new light. What makes traditional marriage unique apart from the fact that two people love each other? Why should the government recognize marriage? It’s because traditional marriage provides a safe place for children to be raised, who in turn, impact society. Yes, I have dear friends and family members who are from broken families. They are still for traditional marriage. Why? Because when public policies change the nature of the institution of marriage from its original intent (such as no-fault divorce policies), it hurts children the most. I want to do everything I can to protect the sanctity of marriage being between a man and a woman, especially for the children involved.

I posted something about marriage on Facebook recently. One of my Facebook friends, who self-identifies as gay, said that he knew I would be kind to him on the street, but denying him of his rights was wrong. He was right that I would be kind to him. I love people and I’m thankful to know him. I explained to him that I, along with the founding fathers of our nation, believe that rights come from our Creator. That same Creator has a clear definition of marriage.

I know what I believe and now I have chosen to stand. Now I know the answer to the question: Truth, Love, Life, and the sanctity of marriage. For the sake of my God, my generation, and the ones to come, that’s what I stand for.

Nicole Hudgens

Nicole Hudgens is an intern at the Family Research Council.