Nick Rizzuto

While Hollywood might elevate totalitarian style of leadership in other nations and approve of their methods overseas, it doesn’t necessarily indicate that Hollywood desires to see it on American soil; at least it wouldn’t if some had not explicitly called for it. Director Woody Allen recently suggested that "it would be good…if [President Barack Obama] could be a dictator for a few years because he could do a lot of good things quickly." Allen’s statement is a good example of how the Hollywood political culture is completely lacking in principle, as those words could only be uttered by an individual who has no appreciation for or grounding in the classical liberal political tradition. Allen’s apparent comfort in saying such a thing leaves little doubt that this kind of ignorance now permeates Hollywood.

Recent news that Oliver Stone will be releasing a film in which two of history’s greatest monsters, Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin, will be presented “in context” should be a cause for concern for Americans. While placing historical figures in proper context should be something that we all welcome, Stone’s insistence that Hitler is misunderstood because of a Jewish conspiracy to keep history foggy sounds more like propaganda than anything Hollywood has ever produced. Indeed, Stone’s comments sound more like something from the pages of The Protocols of the Enders of Zion, a long debunked anti-Semitic forgery, than they do the words of someone who’s genuinely interested in uncovering historical truth. Fittingly, Stone follows in the footsteps of Hitler, Stalin, and numerous other dictators who conveniently blame shadowy Jewish Cabals for anything and everything.

All this raises the question: what would be the motivation to soften American attitudes toward totalitarians? Is Hollywood preparing to mount a campaign to invest dictatorial powers in the president? While some of them might secretly fantasize about such a thing, it is highly unlikely. There is something to be said, however, for the idea that Hollywood’s amorous relationship with dictatorship emerges from the fact that they have and continues to support the centralization of political power into fewer and fewer hands. To the detriment of such an agenda Americans are rightfully, and perhaps even uniquely, covetous of their rights. Being so, they are very wary of politicians who sell paradise in return for, say, a small portion of their freedoms. If the Hollywood left can affect even a slight softening of views toward genuine totalitarianism, the surrendering of certain rights, including the economic rights that tend to evaporate under the progressive agenda, might begin to appear trivial in comparison.

Whether or not the Tinseltown elite are making a concerted and coordinated effort to rehabilitate the totalitarian is debatable, what isn't is that Hollywood has clearly lost its political bearings. They are out of touch with the majority of Americans, and indeed take for granted the principles of liberty on which the nation is founded.

Nick Rizzuto

Nick Rizzuto is the producer of The Wilkow Majority on SIRIUS XM Radio.