Nick Rizzuto

When eugenics reached its final barbaric but logical realization in the death camps of the Nazis, the science rapidly fell out of favor both politically and scientifically. Despite this fact, The RIA and similar legislation in a number of other states continued their existences long after eugenics hat been relegated to the scientific trash bin, with forced sterilizations occurring as late as the late 1970’s.

Science lent its legitimacy to policies that were used to violate individual rights on a scale that should terrify anyone. Individuals and their rights were sacrificed on the altar of what at one time appeared to be reason.

Once again, we are beset by a group of people who are insisting that the science is settled and unquestionable. Policy, they argue, must reflect this absolute truth. The problem with this is that the very idea of unquestionable science makes it no different than faith. Any scientist will tell you that the only way scientific progress even occurs is if science is constantly and rigorously questioned.

Despite growing evidence of scientific deficiencies in their theories, leaders in the fields of politics and science have gathered to discuss and attempt to implement draconian laws meant to combat what they insist are inevitable dire consequences of free people and free markets left to their own devices.

In our names, far reaching measures are being concocted that entail the confiscation of our private property and the redistribution of trillions of dollars through a massive global bureaucracy. The similarities between the age of eugenics and climate change are startling, right down to the fact that discussion of population control is once again in vogue.

Even if anthropogenic global warming is proven to be complete bogus, its boosters will continue to hold onto it for dear life as the vast amounts of capital, both political and financial, that they’ve expended require that they do so. It’s time to take science out of the realm of politics and return it to its rightful place.

Nick Rizzuto

Nick Rizzuto is the producer of The Wilkow Majority on SIRIUS XM Radio.