Neal Boortz

Let’s start with Angel Adams. Maybe you don’t remember her. The lovely and quite fertile Angel was found living in a motel room in Tampa with 12 of her 15 children by three different fathers. When the child welfare folks showed up with TV news crews in tow, she looked into the camera and announced “Somebody needs to pay for all my children. Somebody needs to be held accountable, and they need to pay!” No … not kidding. Here’s the video. Angel, by the way, has now downloaded No. 16 and was charged last October for battery on a police officer. Maybe Angel should be the one to hold a press conference and apologize to America on behalf of every woman who became pregnant by a man to whom she was not married, and then had a baby she knew she could not afford to raise.

I’d like an apology as well from all of those people who have been studiously avoiding taking a job until their unemployment benefits run completely out. You’re bleeding the system dry. So apologize!

An apology is also due from the leaches who have been scamming the IRS for their Earned Income Tax Credit checks. EITC fraud is the most prevalent type of tax fraud in the US, costing the taxpayers hundreds of millions a year. Just fail to declare all your income and claim some extra dependents and the checks come flowing in! We dare not pursue these cheats, though, because that would be insensitive towards the poor. How about an apology you tax cheats!

While we’re at it, maybe the wizened citizens of Boca Raton, Florida who have been shown to treat their weekly visits to their doctor – paid for by Medicare – as really nothing more than a regular social gathering would like to apologize.

Those of you who chose drugs as your escape from reality … would you like to apologize for what you’ve cost society in terms of crime and social services?

Oh yeah … this list could go on for quite a while. The trouble is, the folks who really should be apologizing are favored constituencies of leftist politicians, while the folks we should apologize TO for plundering their wealth are greedy and the objects of constant derision and ridicule.

So, Phil. You’ve learned your lesson, right? Do what you have to do to escape the moochers, leaches and parasites --- but hush about it. The predators get outraged when the prey escapes. I suspect we’ll be seeing you in Florida real soon.

Neal Boortz

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