Neal Boortz

So, I ask you … what if there had been two or three thugs breaking into the house that day? What if the other two thugs were in another part of the house and, when they heard the gunshots, came into that room to find their pal on the ground in a pool of his own blood, with Melinda Herman standing over him ---- with an empty gun . What happens to her and her children then?

So another woman – another husband – hears this story and decides that he and his wife will be better able to protect themselves should multiple predators invade their homes. They go out to buy a gun. A Glock 21. A .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol with a double-stack magazine that can hold 14 bullets. That’s a great gun for home defense. Give Obama and the Democrats their way, and Melinda, or any other woman for that matter, will only have a magazine with 7 cartridges in it for their protection. While they’re groping for another magazine – if they even have one – the predators are taking aim. This will not save lives – it will cost lives.

Wait! Not save lives, you say? What about the Sandy Hook tragedy! If that lunatic shooter hadn’t had multiple high-capacity magazines some of those kids would be alive today, right? Nope, sorry. That’s wrong. At the Sandy Hook school there was NOBODY offering any resistance to the shooter. He could slam as many new low-capacity or high-capacity magazines into his guns as he wished. No resistance. Keeps shooting until you run out of targets. If this lunatic had been limited to seven-cartridge magazines he would simply have had to reload more often … with nobody challenging him.

Melinda? Sorry Melinda. You’ve shot the first thug … he’s down. But now his buddies are there and you’re out of bullets. Time to reload? Hardly. It’s time to beg for mercy. Maybe you can throw yourself in front of your kids in an attempt to save their lives. Wouldn’t that Glock with the double-stack magazine come in handy right now? Sorry … Dear Ruler made that illegal.

Well, Melinda … looks like it sucks to be you. Maybe the thugs will show you and your children some mercy. Obama certainly didn’t. The left certainly didn’t. They moved to disarm you. You obeyed the law. The thugs didn’t.

Outlawing high-capacity magazines is nothing less than limiting the ability of victims to defend themselves. Criminals, by definition, will scoff at the law and get whatever magazines they want from their pals in the shadows. Law abiding Americans will reduce their defenses. America under the rule of the left.

Neal Boortz

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