Neal Boortz

Throughout her Tweeting Fluke consistently refers to her appearance with Nancy Pelosi as a “hearing” and to her statements as “testimony.” It was not a hearing, and she did not testify. She was never under oath. It was a meeting with some Democrats and she spoke. That’s it.

When Fluke opened her Twitter account the VERY FIRST person she followed was MSNBC’s Rachael Maddow. Now that tells you something about Fluke. She’s a leftist activist, not some innocent little law student who just can’t afford birth control pills.

The SECOND person Fluke followed on Twitter was none other than Ed Schultz. Interesting, isn’t it? As soon as Fluke elected to follow Maddow, she then chose as No. 2 a man who referred to a female conservative talk show host as a “slut.” Sound familiar? Apparently Ms. Fluke is only outraged when a conservative calls a liberal a slut.

On Feb. 23rd, the day Fluke spoke before that Pelosi Panel, Ed Schultz Tweeted “Sandra Fluke finally allowed to testify on #birthcontrol before Congress, 1 week after appearing on #ed show.” Schultz, of course, got this wrong. First, as I’ve already pointed out, it wasn’t testimony. Second, it wasn’t before Congress. It was before some Democrats gathered by Nancy Pelosi. It’s no surprise that Schultz got that wrong. He’s raised “getting it wrong” to an art form. But Sandra Fluke eagerly Re-Tweeted Schultz’s remarks … and seems not to be the least bit concerned that Schultz uses the same “S” word that was used against her.

The last two people Fluke has decided to follow are Barack Obama and Michael Moore. Of course she also follows Nancy Pelosi. I don’t have a stomach strong enough for that.

Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this lovely law student. Right now she is the symbol of the so-called Republican war on women. As long as there is an independent female voter out there thinking of voting for the GOP candidate the Democrats will be running Fluke around the country to bring these women back into the fold.

Maybe they’ll hire her to replace Whoopi Goldberg on “The View.” That would make this whole episode worthwhile.

Neal Boortz

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