Neal Boortz

Well now! That was quite a ride last week for the American economy, don’t you think? We raised the debt ceiling and within 36 hours America’s debt exceeded our GDP. Then there was the stock market … yeah, that very same stock market that Chairman Obama told us had “come roaring back” in his last State of the Union message. All of those roaring gains for the year were erased in one day.

We then top off the week with a Standard & Poor’s downgrade of America’s credit rating – the first downgrade EVER! Well howdy! Now there’s some change you can believe in. A change for the worse … but then it’s been a constant change for the worse since the dumb masses put this unqualified (but clean looking and eloquent) man into the presidency.

Would you hire someone who hates to cook to be the executive chef at a fine restaurant? Why not? We were mindless enough to hire someone who detests capitalism and free enterprise to oversee our economy, why not hire someone who hates to cook to run our kitchen? And now we profess to be surprised at how things turned out?

OK .. I hear you. “All you ever do is complain, Boortz. What great ideas do YOU have to get our economy going again?” Well, as a matter of fact, I’m glad you asked … I do have some ideas. I’m going to help turn things around right here. And to make things more difficult, I’m going to do this without cutting spending or raising taxes … and I’ll do it backwards and in high heels.

Ready? Here we go; step-by-step.

1. Do you have any idea how much one trillion is? The average human life span is around 2.8 billion seconds. If someone was just now approaching their one trillionth second of life they would have been born in 29,000 BC. NOW do you have a grip on a trillion? Good --- because first we need to address the trillions of dollars of American-owned wealth that are legally resting in overseas accounts where they are safe from American confiscatory taxation. Declare a tax amnesty. Allow that money to come home to work in our economy without taxing it. Can you imagine what a few trillion dollars pumped into the private sector and not into political vote-buying schemes might do for our economy?

Neal Boortz

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