Neal Boortz

Last week during the Republican presidential debate televised by CNN there was a thunderous reaction from the crowd upon Governor Mike Huckabee’s mention of the FairTax. CNN, in fact, said that Huckabee’s mention of the FairTax during that debate brought the strongest positive audience reaction they’ve seen to this point.

Many reasons have been cited for Mike Huckabee’s surprisingly strong showing in the polling ahead of the Iowa Caucus, among those reason’s being Huckabee’s endorsement of the FairTax. This comes as no huge surprise to either Congressman John Linder or me. When we saw The FairTax Book debut No. 1 on the New York Times Bestsellers list in 2005 we knew the FairTax was a tax reform plan that the people were going to love.

The people … but not necessarily the politicians.

There is simply not the space here to fully describe the FairTax here. Let’s just say that it replaces all corporate and personal federal income and payroll taxes, along with capital gains taxes and the death tax, with one federal embedded sales tax at the retail level. You don’t pay any more for your toilet paper and milk than you do now, you get your entire paycheck, and April 15th becomes just another Spring day. You can buy The FairTax Book if you want to know more, or visit

Once again, though, I find myself offering a column in response to still more absurd – irresponsibly so – attacks on the FairTax. This time the attacks come from Washington Times political reporter Donald Lambro and Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani. Both of these men are too smart to have written what has been attributed to them, so we must suspect the work of ill-informed research assistants or staffers. Actually, I’m just trying to be nice. They may really believe what they’ve been saying.

Let’s deal with Donald Lambro first and just let Rudy twist in the wind for a few moments longer.

Neal Boortz

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