Neal Boortz

Drudge posted this Thursday. Since it appeared on Drudge, you can rest assured that by today everybody in a position of power over radio – that would be politicians – have either heard it or heard about it.

What am I talking about? It’s an excerpt from the Opie and Anthony show on XM Satellite radio. These two pigs were once on broadcast radio, but they lost their jobs when they thought it might be cute to send some listeners out to have sex in a church.

Now before I give you a link .. I want to warn you what you’re about to hear is vile, repulsive and disgusting. These two jerks had someone on their show named “Homeless Charlie.” The person was either black or using a black accent. Charlie begins to discuss having sex with Condi Rice. In fact, what he was talking about was raping the Secretary of State. Then, in similarly vulgar terms, he talked about having sex with Laura Bush and the Queen of England. When you click on this link (if the server isn’t slammed by now) you’re going to hear extremely disgusting language … so be prepared. If you can’t handle it, just leave it alone and continue with the rest of the column. OK, here’s the link.

So... how did you like that? Pretty pathetic, wasn’t it? This was the product of two extremely immature and sick people trying to be cute by seeing just how far they can push the envelope.

Now I don’t know what other radio hosts might have to say about this today, but I most certainly have something on my mind, and if you chose to read on you’re going to get an earful.

These two pathetic fools need to be removed from XM satellite radio right now. Today. No suspension. No warning. Fire them. Now.

By the end of the day today you’re going to hear liberals in congress and the media referring to these two morons as talk show hosts. Comparisons will be drawn between them and people like Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage and myself. You’ll hear the phrases “hate speech” and “hate radio” over and over again as these leftists push their Stalinist-inspired plans to destroy conservative and libertarian talk radio. By the time the dust has settled the majority of the people in this country --- who don’t by the way, listen to talk radio --- will absolutely believe in their hearts that this Opie and Anthony stunt is representative of all talk radio, and these people will be eager to support their politicians in their goal to shut us all down.

Neal Boortz

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