Neal Boortz

On May 28th I wrote a Townhall column that seemed to strike a few nerves.  To get the full effect of today?s effort you might want to go back and read ?The dumbing down of America? again.  You?ll find it in the Townhall archives.

If you?re reading this on Friday, September 24th, there are 41 days until the election.  Forty-one days until the voters of this country ? the 20% who are truly qualified to cast a vote, the 60% who aren?t and the 20% whom you just can?t really get a handle on ? will chose the next Commander in Chief of the U.S. armed forces;  The next wartime Commander in Chief.

As you can tell from the first paragraph, I get a bit antsy just before major elections.  On the morning of November 2nd hoards of people who haven?t had a working relationship with a clue since they took their first driver?s test are going to be participating in a decision-making process that will have profound implications of my life and the life of my child long after I?ve been tucked in for the eternal, celestial dirt nap. 

Frankly, I?m scared to death.

I think that it would be a safe bet to say that somewhere around 35 to 40% of the voters who manage to find their way to the polling place on November 2nd are going to be voting with one thought in mind:  Which one of the people on this ballot will take the most money away from people I don?t particularly like and then either give that money to or spend that money on me.  If you want to talk about suppressing the vote ? these are the people I would like to see locked in their homes on Election Day.

I am now and have been for years a firm advocate of developing a system to limit the people who can vote in this country.  We need to find a way to restrict the number of people who can vote.  If we don?t weed out the chaff soon it may well be too late.

Don?t give me that ?democracy? nonsense.  In spite of what you hear from your government school teacher, your leftist college professor, or that smiling talking head on television, we are not a democracy.  Never were.  Weren?t supposed to be. You won?t find the word ?democracy? in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States or in any constitution of any of the 50 States.  There?s a reason for that.  Our founding fathers hated the idea of democracy.  They knew that a government of majority rule would dissolve into a tyranny of plunder and chaos. 

Neal Boortz

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