Neal Boortz

Two weeks ago a man stood up at a George Bush campaign appearance in Florida to ask about a piece of legislation known as HR25.  Many, including myself, were pleased to hear Bush respond with some positive thoughts about the Fair Tax plan, a movement to replace the federal income tax with a national retail sales tax.

Washington is a city of inertia, and right now the inertia belongs to our present method of funding the operations of our government, the income tax.  Politicians will not easily surrender a funding mechanism that lends itself so well to political demagoguery and which can be used to reward political allies and punish enemies. 

The Fair Tax plan deserves a thorough public examination and debate.  John Kerry seems dedicated to making sure this doesn?t happen.  Soon after Bush cited the national retail sales tax as something worthy of further exploration, Kerry stepped forward with the typical class warfare rhetoric of the left.  Acting as if he actually knew what was he was talking about (he didn?t), Kerry announced that the Fair Tax would amount to the largest increase in the tax burden on poor and middle income Americans in our history.

John Kerry was wrong.  He was either speaking out of ignorance, or he was deliberately lying about the Fair Tax proposal in order to gain a political advantage.   A politician lying in order to gain political advantage  --- imagine that.

This column is lengthier than the norm, but I promise you that if you will invest the time it takes to read it you will be well on your way to becoming yet another rabid supporter of the Fair Tax plan.  You will know that the poor and middle income Americans would be the prime beneficiaries of the proposal.  You may even organize your own neighborhood march on Washington to demand that HR25 receive a fair hearing.  In the next two minutes I?m going to turn you into a HR25 Fair Tax zealot.  Read on:

Neal Boortz

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