Neal Boortz

...but he certainly thinks that you are.

A caller to my talk show earlier this week was trying to explain his support for John Kerry.  He particularly liked Kerry?s plan to increase taxes on the highest income earners.  It was an explanation only a Democrat could love.  ?If the government takes more money away from the rich,? he said, ?then the rich will have to work harder to get that money back, and this will increase productivity and help our economy.?

If this caller is right armed robbery should be looked at as a positive influence on our economy.  The more the thugs steal, the harder their victims work to replace it, and the more productive our economy becomes.  Maybe this is whyour Democratic friends seem to be so soft on crime.  Parole and probation can be used as tools to boost our economy.

The truth, of course, is just the opposite.  Kerry?s plan is to raise taxes on the top two percent of income earners.  Any psychologist who is not employed by government will tell you that you get more of the behavior you reward, and less of the behavior you punish. Punish people for their economic activity and they will reward you by slowing that activity down. 

I just can?t bring myself to believe that John Kerry is as economically vapid as he sounds, but he certainly believes that many voters are that stupid, and more.  Kerry is merely using the rhetoric of class warfare, an appeal to those who live lives steeped in envy of others who have worked harder and smarter and have thus accumulated greater wealth than they. 

Perhaps there are a few people reading this column who actually believe that higher taxes on the evil top two percent of income earners would be a good thing.  Are you open to a few facts and maybe some new information?

First of all, just who are these people who are making all that money?  Many of them are the small businesses in America who account for over 75 percent of all jobs.  Have you ever heard of a ?Sub-S? corporation?  That?s a small business entity structured in such a way that business income is reported on the personal tax return of the owner.  There are literally millions of these Sub-S corporations in the country ? small businesses with more millions of employees.  Since these business profits are reported on individual income tax returns statistically these businesses appear as nothing more than individuals with large incomes.   It is these businesses that Kerry wants to hit with his tax increase.  Just how dothink these businesses will come up with the money to pay the additional taxes?  By cutting somewhere else, that?s how. 

Neal Boortz

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