Nathan Tabor

The outcome of many of the government’s regulatory proposals is unclear, causing uncertainty and difficulty planning. Currently, employers are unwilling to hire additional employees or invest in equipment or facilities.

2. Increase Access to Capital

The freeze on lending for private sector construction projects must be addressed immediately. The long delay in lending or outright refusal by financial institutions to fund private sector projects has had an extremely detrimental impact on the construction industry.

3. Provide Meaningful Tax Relief that Leads Directly to Job Creation

Tax rates are too high and laws are too complex, thus inhibiting the growth of small businesses.

Minimize the tax burden on American citizens to help increase the rate of capital formation, economic growth and job creation.

The above described campaign is funded by the Free Enterprise Alliance, the issue-advocacy arm of the Associated Builders and Contractors group. You can learn more at

Nathan Tabor

Nathan Tabor organizes and educates Christians on their role in Politics.
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