Nathan Tabor

While the group is comprised of citizens who oppose big government health care programs, higher taxes, unfunded mandates passed on to individual states and other actions that are the hallmark of liberal and socialist public policy, the leadership and funding for the group's Internet program is paid for by the Republican Governors Public Policy Committee. The group's slogan, which appears on the web site's frontage, is: Know when it happens in DC. know how it hurts in your state.

"There has never been a worse time to impose massive unfunded mandates upon the states. Most state budgets have been greatly reduced as a result of the economy. In fact, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities estimates that states will 'have dealt with a total budget shortfall of some $375 billion for 2010 and 2011,'” claims the group's web site.

"By enacting the flawed health care bill, the federal government would deal a major blow to reforms already under way in the states. For example, Texas and Mississippi have enacted lawsuit liability reform that has curtailed rising insurance costs for doctors. Politico describes the reforms enacted in Indiana as 'expanded health insurance and prescription drug access in a market-friendly way.' The reforms taking place at the state level are better for everyone than the bloated federal bill," the group’s web site states.

Even more frightening is that the Democrat-controlled White House, House of Representatives and U.S. Senate are decidedly leftist, and health care appears to be only a step in total government control of the private sector business community.

For example, President Barack Obama is already planning his next sweeping change for American society after he gets his Obamacare passed in both houses of Congress: fulfillment of his campaign promise to revamp U.S. immigration policy as part of his fundamental transformation of the United States.

On Thursday, Obama mentioned a proposal by Democrat Senator Charles Schumer and Republican Senator Lindsey Graham that features a first-ever national identification card for U.S. citizens and legal immigrants who want a job.

In a blog posted online by The Washington Post, Senators Schumer and Graham stated "our immigration system is badly broken." Graham, who has angered conservatives time and time again, and Schumer outlined a plan to revamp U.S. immigration policy.

While the proposal for state-of-the-art identification cards are a new development in the Senate, other parts of the Schumer-Graham plan are old hat including a promise to upgrade border security, creating a new process for admitting temporary workers, and implementing a "tough but fair path to legalization for those already here," a euphemism for illegal alien amnesty.

Unfortunately for us, what happens in DC, doesn't stay in DC; it is filtered into the farthest corners of United States.

Nathan Tabor

Nathan Tabor organizes and educates Christians on their role in Politics.
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