Nathan Tabor

And so a majority of American voters thought they were getting the second-coming of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Inauguration Day, but what did they get? They got a second-rate Chris Rock with the moral authority of Howard Stern.

3. On October 9, 2009, President Obama delivered rousing pep talk to the folks at the Human Rights Campaign.

In his usual rehearsed, teleprompter-assisted style, Obama told his audience, “My expectation is that when you look back on these years, you will see a time in which we put a stop to discrimination against gays and lesbians -- whether in the office or on the battlefield."

“You will see a time in which we as a nation finally recognize relationships between two men or two women as just as real and admirable as relationships between a man and a woman," he declared to the cheering crowd.

So, the leader of the free world believes Americans should look at homosexual relationships as admirable. And Obama failed to explain how a soldier would know another soldier's sexual orientation on a battlefield with bullets flying and bombs exploding.

But then, President Obama is rarely asked to explain himself, now is he?

Nathan Tabor

Nathan Tabor organizes and educates Christians on their role in Politics.
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