Nathan Tabor

When Napolitano released a report saying that returning veterans from Iraq or Afghanistan should be watched as they could become domestic conservative terrorists, according to, the FBI went so far as to film the recent tea party protests of loyal Americans because of warnings that conservatives could become terrorist threats.

Napolitano approved release of a report last week implying that a variety of groups, including veterans, pro life activists, and supporters of gun rights, could be potential anti-government terrorists. She also said Wednesday that the 9/11 terrorists entered the country from Canada, when in fact they came from overseas.

"With her ignorance about Islamic terrorism, no wonder she is wasting time examining our troops, anti-tax, pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment and other conservative groups," states Move Forward America.

"It is clear that Napolitano has no clue about the details of what happened to America on September 11, 2001. And she has offended our brave and selfless troops who have protected us since that infamous day of attacks on America’s homeland. Her outlook and priorities are exactly backward and plainly dangerous.

"Napolitano is unfit to serve as secretary of Homeland Security and President Obama must fire her before she causes more damage to our country."

The non-profit organization also points to Napolitano's claim that the Canadian border is a sieve for terrorists entering America, ignoring the fact that she ignored illegal immigration coming into Arizona while she was Governor. When Napolitano declared a "state of emergency," she deployed 54 National Guardsmen.

"I've seen more National Guard troops deployed for a snowstorm," said political consultant Mike Baker.

It remains to be seen how successful this Internet campaign will be in achieving its goal, but at least the message is getting out, something the mainstream news media appear loathe to do.

Nathan Tabor

Nathan Tabor organizes and educates Christians on their role in Politics.
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