Nathan Tabor

"I believe American Majority ( will be part of what’s next in keeping the Tea Party Revolution going. I want to encourage people to take their passion into a long-term approach and become implementers of freedom by running for local office or by becoming more effective activists," said Ryun.

To that end, American Majority has constructed a micro-site,, to collect the names of people at the various Tea Parties who are interested in running for local office or in becoming better activists.

"American Majority's core principles are freedom for the individual and freedom in the marketplace.  We also believe that national change begins at the community and state level.  For these reasons, we are proud to support the grassroots effort being undertaken to promote these principles through the National Tax Day Tea Party and encourage you to become involved in this historic event," said Ned Ryun.

Volunteers are asked to please contact Jaoni Wood at, and let her know your availability and information, and she will mail you the literature to be handed out during the Tea Party you will be attending.

Nathan Tabor

Nathan Tabor organizes and educates Christians on their role in Politics.
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