Morton Blackwell

Well, if Sen. Clinton doesn't win big March 4 in both Texas and Ohio, it looks like we'll finally be rid of the Clintons, bag and baggage. Bill is the baggage.

But Barak Obama, in a remarkable achievement, would almost certainly be worse.

Like Gen. Patton in the movie after he beat Rommel in North Africa, "I read his book." Barak Obama's writing gives an appearance of objectivity, presenting both sides of many questions. But he always comes down on the hard-left side of every issue.

Let me talk briefly about our 2008 Republican presidential nomination.

It's a matter of record that my first choice was Fred Thompson. When he dropped out, I supported Mitt Romney. Now it is obvious that our nominee will be John McCain.

As Virginia's Republican National Committeeman, I'm an automatic delegate to the national convention. I shall vote at the national convention for John McCain and work to elect him in November, for three reasons:

1.It is important to unite our party for the November election.

2.John McCain won Virginia's binding, winner- take-all primary on February 12.

3.John McCain would, as President, be almost infinitely better than either Sen. Clinton or Barak Obama.

Sen. McCain is working hard now to unite our party and the conservative majority coalition which won the presidential elections of 1980, 1984, 1988, 2000, and 2004 and so many congressional, state, and local elections in this period.

But many people in that coalition are still upset over what they see as Sen. McCain's imperfections, his departures from our normal, governing conservative coalition's positions on several policy questions.

I shall pass over those imperfections and refer by analogy to President George W. Bush.

President Bush has achieved many things for conservatives. Some examples:

1.I believe it's incontestable that President Bush has done the best job of nominating conservative judges to the federal bench of any president of modern times. He has done a better job in this supremely important category than even our sainted Ronald Reagan.

2.President Bush has done a superb job for our country on taxes. He not only stopped new taxes, he cut taxes again and again, which produced an exceptionally long period of economic growth for our country.

3.He responded decisively and well to the vicious, mad attack on September 11 and promptly overturned the Taliban government of Afghanistan which was hosting Al Qaida. He has a healthy understanding of the menace of Islamic terrorists to our nation and to our civilization.

Morton Blackwell

Morton Blackwell is the president of the Leadership Institute, a non-partisan educational foundation he founded in 1979.