Mona Charen

The whole world's got trouble. Why should this group compel particular concern? Because, as a letter to Obama signed by 30 prominent Americans details, these opponents of Iran's regime voluntarily disarmed and cooperated with U.S. forces starting in 2003. " ... The MeK worked hard to help protect the lives of our service members ... providing invaluable information about not only Iran's concealed nuclear enrichment activities, but also threats inside Iraq." Each MeK member was vetted by U.S. Forces and promised security.

The letter continues: "Over the last three years, while your administration was committed to keeping the residents secure ... a total of 135 have been murdered or died while being denied access to medical treatment ... In the pocket of each deceased resident was a Protected Person Status identity card."

The hand of the mullahs can be seen in a worldwide disinformation campaign to discredit the MeK. Though they stand for women's rights (one of the leaders is a woman), democracy, religious pluralism, free markets, freedom of expression, abolition of the death penalty, and separation of church and state, they have been tarred as "terrorists" and a cult.

In a carefully researched analysis of these old smears (the U.S. State Department listed MeK as a terrorist group until 2012), Lincoln Bloomfield writes, "A large part of what credentialed authorities in the U.S. have been saying about the MeK's past ... is either demonstrably untrue, factually unsupportable or misleading to the point of intellectual dishonesty." Human Rights Watch, Bloomfield argues, issued a report on MeK that relied on several sources who were secretly in the pay of Iran's Ministry of Intelligence and Security. HRW's conclusions were, in turn, relied upon by the RAND Corporation and State Department.

It's one deception among thousands -- starting with 20 years of denials that Iran is working on nuclear weapons. Let's ask again, as tens of thousands of Iranian exiles gather in Paris to plea for regime change: Does the Obama administration know what they're dealing with?

Mona Charen

Mona Charen is a syndicated columnist, political analyst and author of Do-Gooders: How Liberals Hurt Those They Claim to Help .
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