Mona Charen

On the other side, a photo purporting to be a more recent shot of Trayvon Martin made the rounds. It showed a muscular 6'2" black youth lifting his middle fingers to the camera. But it wasn't Trayvon Martin.

Tavis Smiley insists that "race will get you killed in America." Advocates for a guilty verdict sport t-shirts saying "Enough in Enough." In the alternate universe that the commentators and hustlers like Al Sharpton invent, America is in the grip of an epidemic of violent crimes committed against young black men by white people. That just isn't true. According to the FBI, most blacks are killed by other blacks. The same goes for whites. Blacks are less likely to be killed by whites than whites are to be killed by blacks, but, for the most part, murderers kill fellow members of their melanin class.

In supermarket America, no one wants to see anyone's innocent child killed. Among normal Americans there is a common sense understanding that, based on what we know, it looks like both Martin and Zimmerman (both of whom have had brushes with the law in their pasts) showed poor judgment. That a jury could not say that Zimmerman, his face and head bloodied, acted "beyond a reasonable doubt" in a "depraved" state of "ill will, hatred, or spite" was an understatement. There was abundant evidence that he was defending himself in the course of a fight. Was he too rash? It's possible, but that wasn't for the jury to say. They were asked only whether his conduct could not by any stretch be considered self-defense.

It's a terrible tragedy that Martin's life was cut short. It's also a tragedy that our race-baiting provocateurs never tire of waving the bloody shirt in hopes of stirring even more interracial violence and bitterness.

Mona Charen

Mona Charen is a syndicated columnist, political analyst and author of Do-Gooders: How Liberals Hurt Those They Claim to Help .
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