Mona Charen

A financial collapse would mean not just economic distress dwarfing what we've lived through for the past three years, but also the end of our world leadership. "It's pretty much an iron rule of history that no one follows a pauper."

Daniels has concrete and specific proposals about how we can extricate ourselves from the quicksand, but on the way there, drawing upon his experience in the private sector as well as his two terms as governor, he shreds the pretensions of the Obama administration. Reviving the private sector must be the highest priority until the "Red Menace" of debt is tamed, Daniels argues. So why does President Obama encourage young people, in word and deed, to become government employees or to work for non-profits? "Where exactly is the money to pay for all those teachers, social workers and community activists supposed to come from? . . . Another simple rule: no profits, no nonprofits."

President Obama has shamefully failed to even grapple with the question of debt. It doesn't require genius, Daniels notes. When he was asked how Indiana overcame a $700 million deficit he told a reporter, "Prepare to be dazzled. We spent less than we took in."

In a few swift strokes, the Indiana governor demonstrates exactly why Obamacare is an economic, social and fiscal disaster -- hugely exacerbating all of the existing problems with health care delivery in the United States and infantilizing every citizen.

You can tell that this is not and never was a campaign book because it's not about Daniels. Yes, he has specific ideas. He would permit the exploitation of America's untapped energy supplies thereby creating private sector jobs, keeping prices down and denying funds to terror sponsors around the globe. He favors a radical simplification of the tax code, an economic impact evaluation of all regulations, a negative income tax to replace the skein of overlapping welfare programs and thoroughgoing reform of Social Security and Medicare.

But the real message of the book is the author's confidence that Americans still have the good sense and strength of character to make the right decisions. The first of those should be to buy and read, "Keeping the Republic."

Mona Charen

Mona Charen is a syndicated columnist, political analyst and author of Do-Gooders: How Liberals Hurt Those They Claim to Help .
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