Mike Turner

That’s been my creed since I was elected to the state House in 2012, and it’ll be the same in Congress if given the chance.

I wish I could say the same for someone else in this race.

Steve Russell voted three different times for the bill that implemented it on our families. Now he claims to oppose Common Core, calling it a “national takeover of our schools” and vowing to “fight to repeal” the standards.

He just didn’t when he had the chance.

Oklahoma conservatives deserve better than this kind of representation. We don’t need pastels. What we need is aggressive, bold conservatism untainted by this kind of political doublespeak.

I’ll be unrelenting in standing up for school choice in Congress. Stopping Common Core in Oklahoma was a good start, but getting the government knows best mindset out of our educational system is what we can’t stop pushing for. That won’t come through compromise, or through voting one way and saying something else during election season.

It’ll come through conservative principles, sticking to them, and working to deliver results. I got things done in Oklahoma without backing down on compromising. That’s the type of can-do fight I’ll have in Congress.

Ensuring the highest quality of education standards is too important to do less, regardless of what Arne Duncan says.

Mike Turner

Mike Turner is a state representative and Republican candidate for Oklahoma's 5th congressional district.