Mike Shields

It's not surprising grassroots Iowa voters are coming out in big numbers to support Tom Latham. Unlike Boswell, Latham has stood up to Washington insiders and voted against the massive bailouts, against the failed stimulus and against the big government takeover of healthcare. Latham has fought to reduce costly federal regulations on Iowa small businesses and farmers by sponsoring legislation to turn back Washington’s regulatory attack on family farm youth. While Latham has been a leading voice for Iowa farmers in Congress, Boswell continues to push policies that will destroy family farms, he even voted against disaster relief that would have provided critical aid to Iowa families hit by the Missouri River flooding.

Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between two candidates. But this year, Iowa voters have a clear choice between two sitting members of Congress with two very different records. Tom Latham has a proven record of putting Iowa taxpayers first, cutting regulations, cutting spending and sending power out of Washington back to small business owners and family farms in Iowa. Leonard Boswell unfortunately has chosen a different path in Congress; to be a rubber stamp for President Obama and the Democratic party agenda of higher taxes, more spending, more debt to China, more Washington DC control and fewer jobs for Iowans.

Mike Shields

Mike Shields is the Political Director of the NRCC.

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