Mike Shields

In addition to being riddled with sweetheart deals, the stimulus bill has been a failure for California workers. When McNerney cast his vote for the stimulus in 2009, he called it a “step in the right direction.” But since he passed the bill unemployment in California has increased by more than 20 percent.

The bottom line is that Jerry McNerney’s days in Congress are numbered. He narrowly escaped defeat in 2010 and he now has to run in a district that has even more voters who will reject his voting record. His priorities, like helping Nancy Pelosi regain the Speaker’s gavel, might play well in the Bay Area, but voters in Lodi and Stockton want jobs, a strong economy, and a representative who is not a rubber stamp for Democratic Party leadership.

To find out more about his failed agenda, check out McNerney’s Web site.

Mike Shields

Mike Shields is the Political Director of the NRCC.