Mike Needham

At the time, conservatives argued New START had no impact on Iran and North Korea; indeed, that was a major weakness because it did nothing to stop rogue nations like North Korea and Iran from continuing to develop nuclear weapons that could reach our shores. Nothing in their recent histories suggests America’s ratification of the CTBT would persuade Iran and North Korea to become honest brokers on the world stage.

Does this administration really believe their post-bin Laden bounce is a mandate to pursue a flawed treaty that has been thoroughly rejected? According to reports, one unnamed official said the administration is “closely consult[ing] with senators before making any choices."

Rather than considering another flawed arms control treaty, Congress should spend its time on the most important priority: Enacting policies that will lead to economic growth and jobs creation.

The same NYT/CBS poll notes the post-bin Laden “good will toward Mr. Obama did not extend to his economic policies.” In fact, his approval on handling the economy dropped 4 points to 34 percent, the lowest in his presidency.

Cutting spending, reforming entitlements, rolling back regulations and increasing domestic energy production would be a good start towards economic growth. Unfortunately, for an administration that sees the federal government and international organizations as the solution, such an approach is a complete anathema.

Mike Needham

Mike Needham is the Chief Executive Officer of Heritage Action for America, a grassroots advocacy organization dedicated to advancing legislation that promotes freedom, opportunity and prosperity for all Americans.