Mike Needham

Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Rather than following the administration’s demands and doing the same thing this February that we did last year (and twice the year before that… and twice the year before that), the House of Representatives must force President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to make the difficult choices necessary to control our nation’s spending.

Conservatives understand lifting the debt limit, with no strings attached, will enable more spending, bigger government and less individual freedom. Fortunately, some influential politicians are stepping up to the plate.

One is former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. “This debate about how we’re going to restructure spending is inevitable,” Pawlenty said. “My view is, let’s have it now.”

Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey is another. “The vote on whether to raise the debt ceiling—and, if so, by how much—is our best opportunity to insist that any increase in our nation's debt be coupled with concrete steps toward fiscal sanity,” he recently wrote.

November’s election was a referendum on Washington. Americans voted against the Washington Establishment and big-government special interests. They voted to rein in government and control spending so that our children and grandchildren are not buried in a mountain of debt. The American people spoke loudly and it’s no surprise that a man elected in that wave – Senator Toomey – has reported for duty, ready to make tough decisions.

Americans – and their representatives in Congress – must reject the Obama administration’s embrace of fear and cynicism. Any attempt to manufacture a crisis mentality and pave the way for a quick and uncontested increase in the debt limit must be met with stiff opposition and disdain for their business as usual approach.

Instead, Congress must insist on immediate and substantive spending reductions and reforms. This is responsibility. This is accountability. This is what the American people deserve. Let’s make sure the Washington Establishment does not stymie the advance of conservatism.

Mike Needham

Mike Needham is the Chief Executive Officer of Heritage Action for America, a grassroots advocacy organization dedicated to advancing legislation that promotes freedom, opportunity and prosperity for all Americans.