Mike Gallagher

President Obama has already demonstrated that he doesn’t necessarily just mug and smile for the cameras when he is disapproving. His gaffe-prone VP, Joe Biden, was at it again this week, cracking a joke about Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts’ flubbing of the inaugural oath in front of Obama and reporters.

The President looked like he was ready to strangle Biden with his bare hands.

So I’ve got to believe that if Obama found fault with a bigoted-laced benediction, he wouldn’t have faked his emotions with phony laughter and a fake smile.

No, he seemed to love it.

Help us work for that day…when yellow will be mellow…and when white will embrace what is right.

Of course, it wasn’t just white Americans who were attacked by this embarrassing display of old-school racism. Consider this email from a USA Today reader named Si Van Nguyen on the USA Today website:

“Rev. Lowery’s benediction…ended on a dastardly note. There are rarely any references made of or about Asians in American politic…we are just not on the radar. But for us to hear the first time a reference about Asians made in an inauguration event speech like that is just wrong. I thought that yellows were already pretty mellow. I guess we need to be more mellow for him and people like him to feel better. I am not insulted, just sad for him and people like him and for Obama (who approved the speech).”

Where are the Asian-American activists, I wonder? Years ago I made some reference on my radio show to the cartoon character, “Pokemon”, and whatever I said resulted in a formal letter of condemnation from one such group in California.

One would think a racist rant at a presidential inauguration might warrant as stern a response as something a radio talk show host said about a cartoon character, huh?

Not when it’s a liberal doing the talking. People on the left get a pass when it comes to condemning white Americans. And now, evidently, it’s open season on Asians, too.

Help us work for that day…when white will embrace what is right.

Hey Rev. Lowery: a whole bunch of white Americans just elected the first black American president. Does that count? Perhaps “that day” has arrived.

And like most professional race-baiters, Joseph Lowery didn’t even notice.

Mike Gallagher

Mike Gallagher is a nationally syndicated radio host, Fox News Channel contributor and guest host and author of 50 Things Liberals Love to Hate.